Speed Business Mixer

Take part in the Speed Business Mixer!

The Speed Business Mixer (SBM) is a great opportunity of networking.

Each participant can make up to 150 contacts in short time.

Companies will be divided into groups of max 10 people, created using a match-making software.

During each session participants will have 2 minutes to speak and introduce the company to other members of the group.

At the end of each session, you go to the next table and meet new people.



  • During one session of the SBM only one representative per company may attend. The second representative may, however, replace the first during the various sessions of the Speed Business Mixer.
  • Upon registration, each company will receive the individual agenda of the speed business mixer.
  • All companies will have 2 minutes for each session.
  • The activities will be conducted in English.

Take part in a series of short meetings with representatives of many industries

Get in touch with a wide range of potential business partners

Meet the highest qualified specialists

Enter international markets

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