The International Automotive Business Meeting (IABM) is back for another exciting edition in May 2023, and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever.

We are pleased to announce that the International Automotive Business Meeting (IABM) has partnered with IZERA – Poland’s first electric car manufacturer.

The IZERA brand is being built and delivered by ElectroMobility Poland – a prominent automotive manufacturer pioneering the development of electric vehicles in Poland.

The 6th IABM IZERA Edition will take place in Jaworzno (Katowice), Poland, on May 9th and 10th, 2023, as a premier event for the automotive industry in the CEE region, bringing together leading experts, professionals, and decision-makers from around the world. The 2-day event will explore industry trends, technologies, and innovations, providing valuable insights into the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

As a partner of the IABM, IZERA will be actively involved in the conference, sharing their insights, experiences and latest developments. The company will also meet suppliers and manufacturers during the event – more information will be announced in the coming weeks.

With the automotive sector constantly evolving, the 6th IABM IZERA Edition is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the sector and gain valuable insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

This year’s event will feature an impressive lineup of speakers, including industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. In addition, guests will have a unique opportunity to meet and hear from top executives and decision-makers.

One of the most exciting aspects of the IABM edition is the opportunity for attendees to network with like-minded individuals. The 2-day event provides a unique platform for professionals to meet, connect, network and build new relationships that could lead to future business endeavours.

We have planned four B2B networking opportunities for the attendees.

● VIP Buyer programme with selected Tier 1 buyers
● One-to-one B2B meetings with participating companies and professionals – On Day 2 of the event
● Speed Business mixer – which this year will take place on Day 1 of the event
● Gala Party – this year, a sit-down dinner on Day 1

So, why attend the IABM 2023 Izera Edition?

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, buyer, or service provider, it is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about the automotive industry. The conference organisers have worked hard to ensure this year’s event is even more informative, productive, and engaging than previous editions.

In conclusion, the 6th IABM 2023 IZERA Edition is officially open for ticket sales, and it is an event that should be on the radar of anyone interested in the automotive industry. So take advantage of this opportunity to learn, connect, be inspired and drive your business forward.

Please get your tickets today and join us in Jaworzno (Katowice), Poland, on May 9th and 10th, 2023.