Electromobility Poland is making waves in the automotive industry with its ambitious project, IZERA. In a recent interview on “ Espresso with IABM”, Piotr Zaremba, the company’s CEO, emphasised the importance of creating competencies locally and building partnerships to ensure the project’s success.

According to Piotr Zaremba, the automotive sector in Poland is strong, and it is one of the country’s main export branches. However, competencies are still needed for the entire car development process, from sketches and concepts to the final product. Zaremba recognises this as the missing element and is actively seeking partners with the know-how and experience in car design to create an end product that will be attractive to customers.

The philosophy of Electromobility Poland is to focus on creating a good car product in the short term while simultaneously building these competencies locally in the long term. Zaremba wants to build these competencies in Poland and the broader European region, using the existing expertise in the area. By working and partnering with large and experienced companies, learning and building these competencies locally will be much faster.

One such partnership is with Pininfarina, where the company conducted design workshops for Polish students. This move aims to make the project and overall car-design know-how more accessible in Poland and interest young people in this field. Additionally, Electromobility Poland is launching an internship program for Polish students in Italy, specifically at Pininfarina, to ensure that the key competencies remain in Poland and the Central European region.

Zaremba invites attendees and guests of the International Automotive Business Meeting to Jaworzno on May 9th and 10th. This event is an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of cooperation between businesses and IZERA. With the project choosing a key technology, the platform technology, and already knowing many technical details, Electromobility Poland is ready for a discussion on specifics and counts on attendees’ involvement in the project. Zaremba emphasises that attendees will be the driving force behind IZERA and invites them to talk directly with the company after the May weekend.

In summary, Electromobility Poland is making a significant investment in creating local competencies and building partnerships to ensure the success of the IZERA project. Focusing on short-term success and long-term competencies, the company is paving the way for a successful future in the automotive industry. The company’s invitation to the International Automotive Business Meeting is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn more about the project and become involved in its success.

You can watch a full interview with Piotr Zaremba here: https://iabmevent.com/espresso-with-iabm/