IZERA, the Polish electric car brand, has big ambitions to become a catalyst for electromobility in the local automotive market. But what can IZERA offer to Polish and European entrepreneurs, and what can the automotive industry offer to IZERA in return?

We recently spoke to Beata Bialon-Dudek, director of procurement and supply chain at ElectroMobility Poland, in the first episode of the Espresso with IABM video series to find out. 

IZERA’s key strategic goal is to build short, local, well-communicated, and effective supply chains. 

To achieve this, they are looking to work with suppliers with advanced research and development capabilities that can support them in the component development process. They also want to collaborate with suppliers that deliver based on strict client specifications, known as the build-to-print model.

Furthermore, IZERA aims to work with suppliers that may be subcontracting to larger automotive manufacturers, but with IZERA, they will be able to appear higher in the supply chain hierarchy. This presents an excellent opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs and Polish and European companies.

IZERA has confirmed alignment with their design needs, supplier interest, and capabilities with around 200 suppliers through a pre-qualification process. This means the company is in reasonably advanced dialogue with the industry and is ready to bring the first suppliers into the process. The IABM event is an excellent opportunity for IZERA to discuss their project needs further.

IZERA plans to release specifications for long lead time components such as door panels, dashboards, and lights soon. This means that their suppliers can participate in the purchasing process soon. Therefore, new requests for proposals will be available shortly.

In conclusion, IZERA offers Polish and European entrepreneurs an opportunity to participate in the emerging electric car market and to work with a company committed to building a sustainable future. At the same time, the automotive industry can offer IZERA support in the component development process and supply chain management. 

With collaboration and partnership, IZERA could become a significant player in the Polish and European electric car markets, benefiting the company and its partners.

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