The automotive industry is ever-changing, with significant technological advancements and consumer demand shifts in the recent years. It is clear that the industry continues to evolve rapidly, and staying informed about the latest trends and technologies and making new connections and partnerships is critical. Hence, attending the International Automotive Business Meeting (IABM) IZERA Edition event is a must for anyone passionate about the industry. 

This blog post will explore why you should attend the International Automotive Business Meeting (IABM), IZERA Edition.

Networking and Business Development

One of the biggest benefits of attending the IABM IZERA Edition is the opportunity to network with experts in the field. Four networking and business development opportunities during the two-day event include a speed business mixer, a gala party with a sit-down dinner, a VIP buyer program with selected Tier 1 buyers, and one-to-one B2B meetings with participating companies and professionals. 

Latest Industry Trends

IABM IZERA Edition is committed to exploring the most crucial trends and topics shaping the industry today. This year, the event will focus on four game-changing subjects: Polish Electromobility Valley – fostering collaboration & competence building, Polish Hydrogen Economy – envisioning a future of hydrogen-based mobility, Autonomous Vehicles – a forward-thinking ‘vision’ for the future, and Digital Technologies – driving lean and agile automotive production.

 Automotive C-level Experts Meeting Live

IABM IZERA Edition attracts top experts and specialists from Central and Eastern Europe’s automotive industry. Among the attendees are VIP buyers who join the event to connect with suppliers and potential business partners. This year, ElectroMobility Poland (the leading event partner) will also meet new suppliers during the event.

Prestige, Trust, and Premier Partnerships

The Italian Chamber of Commerce organises IABM IZERA Edition in collaboration with Poland’s foremost economic and business organisations. This year, the event is proud to partner with IZERA and ElectroMobility Poland as the main event partners. These partnerships speak to the prestige and trust associated with the event, making it an important event for anyone looking to establish premier partnerships in the automotive industry.

In conclusion, attending the IABM IZERA Edition Event is a must for anyone passionate about the automotive industry. The event provides a unique opportunity to network with experts, stay up-to-date on industry trends, meet automotive C-level experts live, and establish premier partnerships for business development opportunities. So, if you want to drive your business forward, attend the IABM IZERA Edition.

Join us in Jaworzno( Katowice), Poland, on May 9th and 10th, 2023.