IZERA is a promising Polish electric car brand that is currently in the development stage. While their platform technology has already been implemented and homologated to meet all safety criteria and requirements, the finished product will require more work. In a recent Espresso with IABM video episode, Paweł Kwaśniak, head of body engineering at IZERA, outlined the brand’s most promising opportunities for collaboration.

One such opportunity is a collaboration with local parts manufacturers. 

Quality is of the utmost importance for IZERA, and they plan to introduce the highest quality standards and customer service. By working with local Polish producers who already supply parts to their competitors, IZERA hopes to maintain high safety and quality standards. Collaboration with these manufacturers presents an opportunity to achieve this goal and integrate their parts into the car’s body during development.

Another collaboration opportunity lies in recycling activities. 

IZERA is strongly committed to the environment and wants to introduce a “green image” into its brand. Their electric car emits no exhaust fumes into the environment, and they plan to recycle their parts properly to reduce waste. This presents a great opportunity for collaboration with institutes or companies that conduct such activities.

Interaction between the IZERA vehicle, the driver, and the environment is another crucial aspect of the brand

IZERA plans to develop infrastructure and communication possibilities between the driver and the vehicle at the software and hardware levels. There is an excellent opportunity for collaboration with universities or specialised research and development centres to create such infrastructure. 

In conclusion, IZERA presents several collaboration opportunities for different institutions.  Collaboration with local parts manufacturers, recycling companies, universities or specialised research and development centres are all viable options. 

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